How to Throw an Incredible Sports Party


The next time you throw a sports-themed party, transform it from standard to spectacular with a few tweaks that don’t take that much effort. If this is your very first opportunity to create the sports party of your dreams, we’ll share some tried and true particulars to help you put it all together.

This process is as much about the food, beverages, and entertainment as it is about having manners, making invitations, and impressing your guests. Your players will thank you for it.

Read on for our guide on how to throw an incredible sports party!

Pick the Perfect Venue

If you will throw a party, the first thing to consider is the venue. Depending on the size of the group and the type of party, there are many different venues available. For smaller parties, a private residence or a restaurant with a private room works well.

For larger events, book a larger venue such as a local community center, sports hall, or other location. Consider factors like the number of guests, access to food and refreshments, and the proximity to sports fields or other facilities.

Make sure the venue has plenty of parking if necessary and is within easy reach of public transport. Last but not least, check if the venue allows you to decorate and bring in additional entertainment. Once the perfect venue has been chosen, you can proceed to plan the rest of the party.

Gather the Right Supplies

When party planning, it is important to gather the right supplies to make it incredible. Start off with the essentials, like decorations such as tableware, streamers, and balloons in the colors of the sport you are celebrating.

You may also want to get some team apparel like t-shirts, hats, or jerseys for the guests. Additionally, if you’re watching a specific game on television, make sure the area you’re all sitting in is comfortable, with multiple chairs and appropriate lighting.

Other items, like face paint, flags, and banners, will add to the theme of your sports party. Lastly, consider adding custom hard foam coolies, to help create a fun and festive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Serving Up Savory Snacks & Drinks

The key to an incredible sports party that serves up savory snacks and drinks is to ensure there are plenty of snacks that people will enjoy. Start by setting out bowls of popcorn, chips, and other finger snack foods like crackers and meatballs.

To provide a variety of drinks, make sure to have bottled water, soda, and alcoholic beverages if partygoers are of legal drinking age. Theme the snacks and drinks to match the sport you are watching. Offer nachos and fajitas for a football game and make sangria for a game of soccer.

Cater to the type of snacks that your guests enjoy. If you know your guests have a sweet tooth, put out candy dishes filled with treats. Be sure to add a few bowls of healthy snacks such as nuts, trail mixes, and fruit to the table.

Hand-Pick an Exciting Music Playlist

Throwing an incredible sports party should include creating a handpicked, exciting music playlist. Start by thinking of what type of music will fit with the theme of the party. If it’s a football party, try to look for drumlines, fight songs, and classic hits.

If the party is for a variety of sports, look for songs with a steady beat and avoid slow-tempo songs. When creating the music playlist, make sure to include some traditional songs associated with the sport as well as some modern hits.

Next, make sure to find a medium to play the songs from, such as a speaker, computer, or other devices. Once the playlist is finalized, the party can begin! It’s important to remember to moderate the volume so as not to disturb any neighbors or other people in the area. With an exciting playlist in hand, the sports party is ready to take off!

Create Fun Activities & Games

To throw an incredible sports party with fun activities and games, one should consider the guest list. If it is a small gathering, there are lots of outdoor and indoor sports games that can be played. Games such as horseshoes, frisbee, dodgeball, capture the flag, etc., will keep everyone engaged and entertained.

If the party is larger, designing and setting up an obstacle course can be a fun challenge for all participants. Active indoor and outdoor team-based games are always a hit as well. For younger kids, activities like kickball, beanbag toss, and tumbling/gymnastics can keep them engaged as well.

With some thought and planning, a great sports party with lots of fun activities and games can be thrown.

Preparing for Post-Party Cleaning and Tidy-Up

Start planning the sports party well in advance. Start by making a grocery list and purchasing or renting necessary supplies like cups, plates, and decorations. Set up the party area (which could be indoors or outdoors) before the party starts.

Include a trash can and a recycling bin near the food area to reduce post-party mess. To avoid burnout in the clean-up, assign tasks to different people while the party is still happening. Before guests go home, have them help pick up the trash and put away any furniture, decorations, and party supplies.

Assign people to sweep and mop the floor and wipe off all surfaces. Lastly, have someone double-check to make sure nothing was left behind. Planning and delegating tasks among the guests will do post-party cleaning and tidying up much easier.

Explore How To Throw The Best Sports Party

Throwing an incredible sports party is a fun way to get friends together to enjoy the game and their company. With simple and entertaining setup ideas, the atmosphere can be perfect for friends, family, and any other guests.

Make sure to plan in advance and enjoy a great sports party! Why not throw a sports party this weekend?

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