Going Retro 5 Tips to Find a Penpal in 2023


There was a time when life was simpler and even friendlier. Making friends via handwritten letters was a thing. It was exciting waiting for a reply and knowing what the other person was thinking.

But nowadays, with smartphones and social media, everything is instantaneous and there lies a lack of interest in the other party. Most of us are strangers to our co-workers and even our family members. Finding a pen pal these days is harder than you think.

But don’t give up yet! If you are determined to make a true friend in these troubling times, we have a few tricks you can use. Keep reading to discover how to find a pen pal in 2023.

1. Make Use of Social Media Outlets

Social media outlets have the potential to help you find a pen pal in 2023. Start by creating a profile on a social media site that focuses on finding pen pals. You can use various platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t forget to include what type of person you are looking for in the profile section. Reach out to individuals that you might find interesting.

2. Utilize Pen Pal Clubs or Programs

Pen pal clubs or programs provide an excellent resource for anyone looking for a friend. Whether you’re looking for an online or local program, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Research and find the club or program that best matches your interests. It can be geared toward language exchange, letter writing, or long-distance friendships. Look for clubs or programs that offer exciting features, such as instant messaging and forums.

3. Reach Out to Old Friends and Family

One way to find someone with whom you can share your love of pen and paper is to reach out to old friends and family. This could include former classmates, older relatives in your family, or anyone with whom you have existing relationships.

Reaching out to these individuals may lead to discovering a retro-minded pen pal interested in sending paper letters in the digital age. And to ensure quality and beautiful stationaries, view this collection of letter-writing sets here. 

4. Network Through Virtual Platforms

When finding a pen pal, the easiest way to start is to join a dedicated pen pal forum on a virtual platform. These forums provide users with a platform to post about the type of pen pal they are looking for and interested in.

They also have a specific category for what language you are interested in conversing with. Just remember to be patient and open-minded when talking to potential pen pals. 

5. Participate in Local Events and Activities

A great way to meet new people and build relationships is to attend events like street fairs, farmer’s markets, and festivals. Connecting with locals in the area and making friends can be an excellent opportunity to find someone who shares similar interests in the area of topic conversation. They also provide a chance to get more familiar with the locals.

Find the Perfect Pen Pal Today

Pen pals can still exist in the digital age. By connecting with like-minded individuals and opening up through writing, you can find and build strong relationships with those around the world.

By following the five simple tips above, you will be able to find the perfect pen pal for you and make a meaningful connection with someone you may have never even considered. When you’re ready, get creative and start connecting now!

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