It is difficult to keep silence after visiting a failure meeting of the House of Representatives, which without hesitation voted against the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the Federal Supreme Court against President Tamer on charges of passive corruption.

This surrender showed the true nature of our selfless democracy. If we evaluate it in the light of the minimum characteristics of any democracy, namely: the respect of popular sovereignty, strict observance of the basic rights of a citizen, the search for the minimum level of equality in society, the incentive to participation, the general good, as well as the public morality that can be determined, it can be determined, then it is loosened as a farce and its own denial.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR is not a low-level democracy. It was shown that, despite the noticeable exceptions, these are the den of people prone to crime, corruption and robbers from the high road who hunts for the meager resources of citizens.

How will the current deputies vote for the opportunity to judge the president in the Federal Supreme Court, when 40% of them will be subjected to several types of trial in the Supreme Court? A secret conspiracy between criminals or accused of crimes still exists, for example, mafia “families”.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR I have never heard for my already long and painful existence that a candidate to finance his election campaign would sell his second house or get rid of any property, but on the contrary, he always turned to business leaders or other wealthy people with a request to finance His elections are millions. A small funding has become the norm, and solid bribes steadily grew from the campaign to the campaign, while the exchange of services increased in return.

This time, the Plain alto Palace [the Presidential Palace] became the refuge of the great Ali Baba, who in front of everyone handed out concessions, promising millions of subsidies or even offering various services to buy supportive voices. Already this fact deserves a study of outright depravity, outrageous in the eyes of those who observe a minimum of decency and decency, and especially a common people, so confused and humiliated.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR, in fact, not a single Brazilian earned such humiliation so that many are ashamed to be a Brazilian.

Parliamentarians, including senators, are much more represented by the institutional interests of those who financed their election campaigns than citizens who elected them.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR we now have a rather retroactive number to clearly realize the meaning of the parliamentary coup, which occurred with the complicity of one side of the judiciary and mass media support under the control of corporations: the end of social progress in favor of the poorest times, from colonial times, and as the great historian Mullet strand de says Abreu, has always been “castrated, re -castrated, bleeding and bleeding again”; Moreover, the coordination of Brazil with the imperial logic of the United States, and not the implementation of an “energetic and ambitious” foreign policy.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR Jesse Souza [Professor of the University and Researcher], former IPEA President (Institute of Applied Economic Research), dismissed by the current president [tamer], cites the number of people who make up the oligarchic class: 71,440 millionaires. The monthly income, which usually turns out from final canalization of the economy, is 600,000 Oman Rails per month. The latter will never allow someone from the basement, or who survived the history of the misfortunes of the sons and daughters of poverty, could take a leading position. They trembled when they saw their presence in airports and fashion stores, which they used exclusively.

They had to be placed in places where they should never have left: the outskirts of cities and slums. They not only do not want them to be removed from their place of life, but also hate and humiliate them in every possible way, spreading this inhuman resentment. Hatred does not come from people, according to Jesse Souza, but from those very rich people who exploit them and pay them wages for poverty with regret and legal obligations. Why should they pay, because they always worked for free, as before?

Famous historians, such as Jose Honorius Rodriguez, showed that whenever modern descendants of Cass-grades realize that social policy changes the living conditions of the poor and marginalized, they commit a coup d’état, fearing the outrageous level of accumulation of wealth, one of the highest in the world. They protect the wrong rights of everyone, but the privileges of few, that is, their own. The current coup follows the same logic.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR in the country great sadness and grief. But these pains will not be in vain. This is a night that portends the dawn of hope: we will overcome this crisis in order to move to a society “less perverted” and where, according to Paulo Frere, “it will not be so difficult to love.”


Girls UTANMAZ KIZLAR: harassment not only for guys, some categories of girls does this their work

UTANMAZ KIZLAR go together on a motorcycle, dressed in sexy clothes to attract men, even in this blessed month of Ramadan, in the thick of the crowd, noticing the goal. Having reached their heyday in a luxurious car, these girls, without hesitation, will inform you that they ended in fuel and that they need your help to continue their journey.

Hooligans and more often out of pity, without hesitation, give them tickets from 2000f to 1000FCFA.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR When practice becomes commonplace, and when we encounter similar cases on each street or on every corner, always two young girls, looking for easy money, catch the operation instantly.

Motorists and other road users, beware of parasites-canon.

UTANMAZ KIZLAR, led by an army professional who only seeks to serve correctly without requiring any reward. Colonel Maim Kula bail and his people are actively preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary after successes recorded in business with hostages and in many other areas; their only concern is to provide accurate and useful information for the proper functioning of the state.

Since our country is preparing to accept many heads of states and other high -ranking persons to celebrate September 22, when he is asked about his mission, he speaks only of loyalty to those who appointed him. To the post of general director, that is, the president of the republic, Amado Timpani Tour.

This loyalty is another feature of kola bail and a tour or between Sisonke, Crissum, Disarray, Triode, Keita and so on.


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