Five Tips to Start the Year with Energy and Good Mental Health


With the arrival of the new year, resolutions are created, new goals are set and projects tend to improve or change life circumstances. However, it is not an easy task, as it will depend a lot on the energy you put into it and the mental strength with which you work to achieve your goals.

One of the top recommendations from experts to start with is to feel good about yourself, as low self-esteem can affect many aspects of life. It can have an impact on relationships, work and health, says the Mayo Clinic Research Institute.

To start the year with energy and work towards goals, experts offer some recommendations.

Stress Control

To achieve your goals, it’s important to be well organized so that stress isn’t just another component of everyday life. When dealing with responsibilities, it’s important that the pace is manageable and doesn’t overwhelm people, notes Portal Cuerpo Mente. He suggests, for example, that you start sleeping a little earlier to wake up more rested and without drowsiness, which improves performance and mood.

Stress hormones such as cortisol interact with the immune system and reduce lymphocyte levels, making a person more susceptible to fatigue, colds, flu and other infections, leading to the consumption of more sugars and fats. This, in turn, favors irritability and mood swings”, identifies the cited source.

Eat Well

When stress levels are high, this leads to the consumption of more sugars and fats, which affects the emotional balance in the medium term, as these nutrients provide quick energy for absorption, but their frequent use causes irritability and lack of concentration.

To maintain good energy and mental health, you should prioritize slow-absorbing carbohydrates, so called because of their low glycemic index, such as whole grains, legumes, greens and nuts.

It is also important to include in the diet foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, found in flaxseed oil, microalgae, nuts and chia seeds. It is also found in oily fish for those on a vegan diet.

B vitamins and magnesium positively balance the nervous system. The first is found in whole grains and the second is abundant in vegetables and fruits.

Manage Time Well

It has become normal for many people to live running all the time and this can be very counterproductive, as it not only means unnecessary emotional and physical expense, but also causes a lack of desire to face activities.

A good formula to improve this aspect is to get up a little earlier and go to bed earlier, according to a post on Mejor con Salud, written by Edith Sanchez. If you sleep well, your mood will improve and your mind will be clearer.

Do Physical Exercises

Regular physical activity is a good way to maintain good energy. Walking, running, dancing, cycling, swimming, going to the gym or doing any kind of sport on a regular basis brings many benefits to the body. For example, it maintains the balance of sugar and cholesterol levels, improves flexibility and physical strength, allows you to enjoy a fitter and healthier body, generates optimism and increases energy.

Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature clears the mind and frees the senses. Practicing outdoor exercises is a good way to enjoy the benefits that nature offers, not only for physical health, but also for mental health.


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