The Best Low-Code Platforms for Building Apps


To create a website, desktop software or mobile application, you need appropriate platforms and programming languages, and in some cases the development of such websites or applications can be quite complex. Now, with low code platforms, you can build apps without having a high knowledge of programming. Find out in this article which low-code platforms are most ideal for building applications. Let’s start!

Best Low Code Platforms

As we can guess from the name, the low-code approach does not force us to write many lines of complex code, that is, it seeks to dispense with the traditional manual programming that developers are used to. Therefore, low-code development uses a prebuilt graphical user interface (GUI) and visual components.

In this way, it greatly simplifies program creation and saves a lot of time because each element does not need to be programmed from scratch. Furthermore, it is a software development taxonomy that can be used with basic programming knowledge.

Here we list the best low-code platforms for building apps. Read!


A low-code application development platform allows organizations to unify information, people and workflows on a single cloud-based platform.

Unlike traditional software solutions, Quickbase allows you to create applications that adapt to your unique processes, which means that any user can create applications on this platform to manage virtually any process, starting with a template or building from scratch using skills. basic.



Appian is one of the industry’s leading low-code platforms and is very helpful for companies and users to manage their business processes (BPM), cases and customers more efficiently.

Another interesting aspect of Appian is that it comes with native deployment tools, integration options with DevOps tools like Jenkins and is ideal for business processes.



This low-code omnichannel platform allows organizations to build cross-media applications.

OutSystems also features real-time performance dashboards, robust security, and rapid development features that save a lot of time.


Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a streamlined platform with user-friendly visuals. It is valid for low code and no code development. This platform is one of the most established in the industry.

Zoho Creator

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a very fast and easy to use alternative. It empowers users and businesses with the apps they need to do their jobs better, while also closing the developer gap that could be holding them back.

Salesforce aims to democratize application development to make it easier for its users to create innovative digital solutions.

Salesforce Lightning

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is useful for creating custom business apps that are fast and low in complexity. Notably, its functionality is excellent, thanks to the inclusion of pre-designed AI components. It also has great extensibility.

Microsoft Power Apps


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