Startups With a Social or Environmental Background, this Accelerator can Help You


This is the so-called social and environmental impact startup accelerator program launched by Social Nest and Danone. This is a pilot acceleration program for 20 companies with socio-environmental impact activities.

The purpose of this business accelerator is to encourage entrepreneurs to incorporate a management model based on the values and practices of B Corps into their business models, increasing their responsibility and transparency in social and environmental matters.

Companies will have until November 30th to submit their applications for the acceleration program. It lasts for 3 months, from March to June and will be in a mixed format. This means that it will have online training modules and others that will be face-to-face.

A Prize of 30,000 Euros

Likewise, the accelerator will organize events of the Spanish innovation, technology and investment system and will offer free tickets and visibility to the startups participating in these events, which will have international perspectives.

The program will end with a demo day where participants will pitch to a community of investors and a jury made up of key figures from the national and international innovation ecosystem. This jury will select one of the startups and award it a prize of 30,000 euros.

Out of all the applications, only 20 startups will be selected. Those who are in a growth phase and work in the following areas, such as sustainable, renewable and resilient agriculture, can occupy one of the program’s vacancies; food technology, circular economy, inclusion and diversity platforms; The future of specialty nutrition retail.

Danone’s Global B Corp Director Gian Maria Bruno says they “impress the drive and passion today’s entrepreneurs have to build sustainable businesses while accelerating systemic change. Given Danone’s commitment to becoming a B Corp, this program was a natural step to accelerate the growth of the B Corp movement.” We are proud to support Social Nest in integrating a B Corp mindset into their technology and innovation ecosystems.”


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