This Was the Ranking of the Most Common Disabilities in 2022, According To New EPS


The reasons why physicians are granted disabilities allow us to look at the general health problems experienced by citizens. In the case of occupational disabilities of common origin, they refer to non-occupational illnesses or accidents that did not occur in the workplace.

While a slip and injury on company premises does not guarantee this type of disability, a traffic accident outside working hours does. The same applies to the flu or digestive illnesses that are transmitted in places outside of work.

The new EPS system is the most widespread in Colombia, where it must guarantee the care of more than 10 million patients in subscription and subsidized systems, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health. This company recently revealed that it awarded a total of 1,030,070 medical disabilities in 2022 to companies affiliated with the contribution scheme.

These documents represent financial compensation for workers, as they attest that they are in a state of health that prevents them from working due to a physical or mental disability for a certain period.

“During the year, there were some significant peaks in June and December, triggered by the holiday period and festivities, adding to the events; added to the above, some climatic peaks that influence this behavior”, said Monica Rey Dueñas, vice president of operations at Nueva EPS.

He added: “It is important to note that during the year 2022, more than 35,000 declarations of maternity and paternity leave were made for fathers and mothers, which means peace of mind for families when these births take place.”

The Most Common Cause of Disability

By generalization, the new EPS indicated that the most common causes of disability were diseases of common origin (which occurred in 90% of cases), road accidents (Soat in 5%) and accidents at work (in 2% ).

Likewise, the EPS revealed the five main causes that lead to disabilities of common origin:

  • Acute nasopharyngitis known as the common cold (57778 deficiencies).
  • Suspected diarrhea and gastroenteritis of infectious origin (45,196 disabilities).
  • Back pain unspecified (42702 ADHD).
  • Unidentified Covid-19 virus (39,047 deficiencies).
  • Unspecified viral infection (23121 ADHD).

Turns out the most common cause was the flu. “The most frequent diagnoses were nasopharyngitis, precisely because of environmental problems”, said Mônica Rey Duenas.

However, gastroenteritis of infectious origin was very frequent, which, according to the EPS, is closely related to poor food processing practices and the consumption of some of them in poor condition. Incidentally, this ratio increases with the arrival of the end of year festivities, family meals, dinners and brunches held at various types of events.

How Does Disability Pay Work?

According to the New EPS, payment is made by three different actors, depending on the duration of the disability: the employer, the pension fund and the health promotion entity (EPS). When zero to two days arrive, the manager is in charge.

“The ones from 3 to 180 days must be assumed by the EPS. Those over 181 days and those up to 540 days are paid by the Pension Fund”, concluded the new EPS in its statement.

If more than 541 days have passed, disabilities must be processed for recognition by EPS. This occurs as long as the employee does not meet the medical requirements required for retirement.


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