Top 10 European Airlines with the Most Cancellations this Summer


Tourism in Europe has seen a recovery this year, but the activity has also been hit by problems such as staff shortages and internal strikes at airlines. A report by Mabrian Technologies reveals the 10 most affected companies, which adds up to almost 9,000 canceled flights.

Between July 17 and September 30, 2022, the ten airlines analyzed totaled 453,122 scheduled flights and of that total, around 9,000 flights were cancelled, which means that, on average, two out of every 100 were affected.

The Mabrian Technologies report is based on a sample of 2,309 European airports and airlines with routes to and from Europe.

Cancellation Fee

Top 10 European Airlines by Cancellations, Summer 2022

Between 7/17/22 – 9/30/22

During the summer of 2022, Lufthansa was affected by staff shortages and strikes, resulting in the cancellation of 2,521 scheduled flights in Europe, out of a total of 68,306 flights. After easyJet, Lufthansa was the airline with the most flights scheduled and operated during the summer, with a cancellation rate on its flights in Europe of 3.7%.

In the number of canceled flights, the two main airlines in Northern Europe follow: SAS and KLM with 812 and 628 canceled flights, representing 3.4% and 2.64% of scheduled flights.

At the end of the top 10 most affected airlines are EasyJet and Vueling, which, despite internal aggression from crew members, managed to keep cancellation rates well below average: 1.34% and 0.84%, respectively. The case of Ryanair is also surprising, with cancellations down 0.5%, ranking as the 14th most affected airline.

As these incidents are one of the main causes of traveler dissatisfaction, Anna Bordosa, Business Development Manager at Mabrian, recommends that companies and tourist destinations “work with data and experience for 2022 and demand forecasts for 2023, to try to avoid situations that affect tourism a lot of satisfaction.” during the holidays.”


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