Internet Search Engines: What They are and the Most Used Ones


Today Google can be proud of being the reference search engine on the internet, but the truth is that it is not the only one. There are different search engine models that offer a wide range of results and privacy functions. Each of them uses its own algorithm, so it allows you to display a wide variety of results. Here we present our selection of alternative search engines to Google and explain which are the most used online search engines. Don’t miss it and keep reading!

What are Internet Search Engines?

An internet browser or search engine is a computer server that specializes in searching for information on the web. Search results for a query usually appear in list form and can consist of web pages, images, videos, and other formats.

On the other hand, some search engines also search and present data available in public databases or open directories. In this sense, they differ from web directories in that they are managed by human editors, whereas internet search engines operate algorithmically.

Internet browsers are applications that collect a large amount of data. They use technologies such as crawling, page indexing and search. They decide which pages to crawl, they choose which pages to index, they decide things like ads to add, how to rank pages…

It is the most used digital tool in the world, as it gives us the opportunity to find all the information we want in the form of results on the World Wide Web (WWW). These results depend on many factors such as the accuracy of our searches and the keywords we use.

How Do Internet Search Engines Work?

When we go into an Internet search engine and type in the keywords we want to gather information about, the bots start working. They are able to crawl millions of web servers until they find the pages that contain important information about the keyword we are querying.

Page popularity is a key consideration for web search engines and is usually measured in number of visits. For this, they use complex algorithms that analyze each page in order to create a ranking by relevance and create their own ranking to show the result to the user. It will highlight web pages that are widely visited by other users looking for the same information.

What are the Most Used Search Engines on the Internet?

There are certain qualities that search engines have to establish themselves as an alternative to the Internet giant: Google. They have a similar usage pattern, although no two search engines index the web in exactly the same way. Here is a list of the most used search engines on the Internet:


Google is the most important and widely used web search engine in the world. It is capable of providing 22 resources in addition to the original word. It also includes technology forecasts, time zones, maps, movie billboards, sports scores, stock prices…

This search engine provides the best user experience with fast and advanced search and images.

To give us an idea of its breadth, it is estimated that there are 228 million searches per hour in the world, 5.5 million per day and 2 billion per year.


Faced with Google’s apparent monopoly, Microsoft’s bet is Bing. The alternative search engine for Google has an attractive design with a varied background image. Includes information about that photo and the events that occurred on that date.

It’s an alternative where you can search for images, news or maps. In addition, it has widgets with mathematical scores and offers a page translator.

The breakdown of results can be developed and anchored in the separate background section. Also next to widgets like map or weather. Searches can be performed anywhere on the screen. This is how you can organize the results.

It offers an extensive navigation panel with many tools, so searches can be organized based on their relationship with previous searches or different pages.


This is a search engine that does not track your information. If we go further, we will find unnumbered results, which include favicons, and some icons on the side, making it easier to identify our favorite web spaces. With quick answers, the basic definition and description is learned without having to enter the website.

In terms of privacy, DuckDuckGo embraces privacy as a competitive advantage. It presents a space where you cannot associate your search history with yourself. That’s why it’s a very good choice for those who care about privacy and it has a simple and uncluttered interface.

Adds a chronograph option, through which the ability to track time is displayed. You can search photos, videos, music or text.

It is a non-profit digital library that contains many free access books, music, movies and websites.

Among alternative Google search engines, this option has a great track record on the web. You can find content from 20 years ago. From a free account, you can access various multimedia content.

An open library is a space where you can “borrow” digitized books. In addition, it also collects television information, which is why it is so relevant for researchers. In terms of users’ privacy, they state that they “try to avoid keeping users’ IP addresses and offering a website on https”.


It is a platform that defines itself as the most private search engine in the world, because “it does not record, track or share your personal data”. Therefore, its greatest differential is its commitment to data protection.

Their motto is “We want you to dance like nobody’s watching”, reflecting their commitment to privacy. Their servers don’t store user data, so they don’t share it either. An “anonymous visit” is an option offered as an alternative to visiting completely private results.


It’s not one of the most popular pages, but it can be useful on many occasions. Displays search results that include all types of content. This means that other search engines other than Google censor information or results that cannot be displayed according to certain criteria.

Gibiru is presented as a great alternative to Google as it displays all information without censorship. That’s why it’s a very useful tool for journalists and researchers.


With a look similar to that of Google, Qwant presents itself as an alternative committed to data protection. This French model does not use cookies or exchange personal data, so searches are not personalized. It is a search engine for news, photos, websites and social networks.

In addition, it has different spaces such as Qwant Music or Qwant Boards where consumers can share different multimedia contents. And with the protection of the little ones in mind, there is Qwant Junior, where what is shown is protected and educational content is promoted.

Yahoo Search

It is a very complete search engine, as it offers the possibility of dividing results into different topics: sports, music, finance… This way, the most recent information is easily received.

It has the option to carry out searches in different languages, in addition to different spaces for sharing certain formats. This is the case of a photo with Flickr, for example.

It is the default search engine found in Mozilla Firefox and displays results provided by Bing.

Your offer includes a simple design and only delivers results. That is, it offers a question and answer format. Very popular in the United States.

It offers different thematic spaces, among which Ask for Children stands out.


It is a search engine with detailed and specific answers. These are served quickly. It stands out among alternative search engines to Google, as it offers a wide range of educational facilities. Surveys can be done through questions or comparisons to obtain different statistics and provide results of mathematical problems through equations and theory. You can automatically generate integrals or constants, as well as graphs of complex numbers. It also offers jobs in engineering, visualization or language facilities, among others.

Surveys can be performed without an account. However, to perform functions such as saving your search history, you will need to register as a user.


It is Google’s alternative committed to sustainability. Its work is carried out in cooperation with Bing. It is a powerful search engine that gives you very good results in an elegant way.

Among alternative search engines to Google, it stands out for its environmental commitment, dedicating 80% of its income to planting trees in different parts of the world. It is a very good option because you can get good results both digitally and naturally.


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