Only 25% of Self-Employed Businesses Will Grow in 2022


The ATA scale also reflects that most self-employed workers have a negative view of the development of their business.

Only 25.8% of self-employed businesses grew by 2022. The chances for next year are similar, as according to the latest barometer drawn up by the National Association of Self-Employed Workers (ATA), only 20.3% of these professionals expect their business to grow. grow in 2023.

Most self-employed people have negative opinions about the development of their business. In fact, 66.6% of them believe that it will not improve next year because their activity will be similar to that of 2022 or because they consider that their activity will decrease next year.

In terms of billing, independent professionals in 23.4% of cases indicate that their bills increased by up to 10% this year, and only 6.3% of them claim that their business grew by more than 20%.

Decrease in Bills

On the other hand, for 26% of self-employed workers, the turnover obtained in 2022 means a decrease of 20% compared to 2021.

In terms of expenses, the scale prepared by the ATA focuses on the increase in expenses for these professionals. In fact, 95.2% of self-employed workers confirm that expenses have increased in 2022. And 48.4% confirm that their expenses have increased between 10% and 20%. Only 4.6% of self-employed workers surveyed on the Barometer claim to have seen their expenses decrease in 2022.

It must be remembered that the self-employed are an important asset in job creation. These professionals create a third of all jobs in Spain. Currently, 43.2% of the surveyed self-employed said they do not have employees because they do not need them in their daily activities. In addition, it was found that 8.7% of self-employed workers claimed to have increased their workforce throughout 2022 and 38.9% stated that despite the difficult year, they managed to maintain their workforce. The ATA measure also shows that, throughout the year, only 10% of self-employed workers had to reduce their workforce.


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