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A Study Showed that 72% of Entrepreneurs Suffer from Psychological Problems

72% of entrepreneurs suffer from psychological problems. That's the warning from a study by the University of Berkeley showing that entrepreneurs are twice as...

“Am I Dead?”: Kate Winslet’s Reaction After Breaking Tom Cruise’s Underwater Record

In Avatar 2, Kate Winslet set the mark of 7 minutes and 14 seconds underwater, surpassing Tom Cruise's 6 minutes and 36 seconds on...

Tips to Protect Yourself From the Sun and Reduce your Risk of Skin Cancer on Summer Vacation

It can be really hard not to turn the benefits of a vacation, like spending time outdoors or traveling, into a headache. For this...

The Passenger Himself will Check his Luggage in Up to 30 Seconds

Amadeus to deliver over 100 self-service baggage claim machines at Paris airport Amadeus has announced that it will deliver more than 100 self-service baggage units...

Avatar 2 Crosses $1 Billion at the Box Office in Less Than Two Weeks

Avatar Part II is considered one of the most expensive films of all time, with a budget of over $350 million. “Avatar: The Way of...




فاضل اعلاني

فاضل اعلاني

What to Expect When Working With a Consumer Fraud Attorney

Consumer fraud is an illegal act that harms consumers...