4 Best Viking TV Shows of All Time


You might be new to the world of Vikings, or you might already be an enthusiast. Either way, you’ve no doubt heard of the popular TV series Vikings. But that’s not the only show that features the Vikings.

There are, of course, plenty of other TV shows about Vikings. Yet not all of them feature the popular history of Vikings and their journeys.

Here we go through some of the best Viking TV shows that feature Vikings of all time. Read on to learn!

1. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom tells the story of Alfred the Great’s struggle against the Viking invasion of Britain. The Viking show is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories, and it brings to life a powerful and gripping tale of an epic battle between the Saxons and the Vikings.

With a stellar cast, beautiful cinematography, and a sweeping score, The Last Kingdom delivers an awesome and thrilling experience. The show masterfully depicts the struggle between different cultures and personal goals.

2. Vikings Valhalla

Vikings Valhalla is an adaptation of Scandinavian mythology, exploring the lives of Norse gods, goddesses, and legendary warriors.

The show follows a group of brave warriors as they battle their way through the treacherous landscape of Viking-era Europe. Along the way, they encounter both enemies and allies alike as they seek to protect their homeland and find their destiny in the vast and treacherous sea.

It is a thrilling, fun adventure series full of action, drama, and excitement that celebrates the spirit of Viking culture. It has something for everyone, from stunning cinematics to unpredictable plot twists to an enchanting soundtrack.

3. Viking Fortress

Viking Fortress focuses on two brothers, Olaf and Bjorn, who are fierce Viking warriors. It follows their adventures as they sail the seas in search of plunder and fame.

The stories feature realistic and historically accurate battles, engaging characters, and captivating storylines. The show also features wonderful visuals, with the characters and landscapes appearing incredibly realistic.

It stands out due to its mix of action, adventure, and epic tales. It is an entertaining and rewarding show that faithfully portrays the

4. Viking Dawn

Viking Dawn is one of the best Viking TV shows of all time. The show features Vikings traveling and trading in the North Sea, eventually making their way to the New World.

The show is filled with adventure and conflict as Vikings battle one another for power and resources. The ship battles, fights, and raids are intense and thrilling, making for a great viewing experience.

It is incredibly historically accurate, using real Viking stories for its characters, locations, and artwork. The series also features great performances from both English and Scandinavian actors.

These best Viking TV shows of all time will introduce you to a world of adventure, drama, action, and perhaps a bit of romance.

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Discover More Viking TV Shows Today

These are just a few of the best Viking TV shows of all time. With their thrilling storylines and memorable characters, they are a great choice for anyone who is a Norse mythology fan.

So why not give them a watch? You won’t be disappointed!

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